We've been doing it the same exact way since we started in 1996

We make our pizza dough fresh, everyday, in store> Our sauce is also made fresh, never from a package. Nothing is frozen! That’s the difference.
Through the years, we have tried to keep our menu focused. In January, 2022 we decided for many reason, most of them out of our control, to remove certain items from our menu. We felt this was necessary to focus that much more on our “core” menu items that got us where we are today.
At Graziano’s Pizza Express in Dunbar, we take pride in making PIZZA the best they can be. Our mission is to make sure that our pizza stands out as one of a kind. We believe that keeping our menu smaller and even more focused ensures that our pizza quality and also our customer service are never compromised.

Taste, See, Appreciate the Difference

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